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Punta Cana Real Estate Tours

Our Punta Cana Real Estate Tours developed naturally over time to suit our clients’ needs.

The tours consist of professionally scheduled appointments that give a potential buyer the opportunity to your real estate of choice, whether that be condos, villas, Punta Cana apartments for rent, land, or commercial spaces.

You will be picked up from your hotel or accommodation and taken to the properties. Accompanied by a member of our Advisory Team, your representative will have been appointed to you in advance and will have planned your showings according to an itinerary and inventory of your choice. A final check of MLS inventory is always completed in the event that a hidden gem comes available just before setting out on the tour.

Your rep is well versed with the area, knows the routes around town and will have all the information to hand. This is the opportunity to bring all of your online esearch to life with a professional accompanying you along the way. All of our reps speak English and Spanish, with additional languages available on request. Their role on the tour is not to sell you a property, it is to facilitate the location, present them and answer any questions and points of research.

The benefit of the Real Estate Tour is to provide an organized interactive tour of properties that fit the desired criteria. As overseas buyers, time tends to be short whilst in resort, therefore the Real Estate Tour allows for a tailored viewing of shortlisted interests efficient viewing following months of planning and research.

The Punta Cana Real Estate Tours are free for a family or group of up to 4 people. A $20 per person rate is introduced for 5 or more people due to additional logistics.

Book your Real Estate Tour. Let us now the dates you are thinking of coming to Punta Cana and what type of properties you would like to see.