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Master Broker Services

Shereen Miranda Group delivers Master Broker services to Real Estate Constructors & Developers across the USA, Latin America, & the Caribbean.

We have a contracted collaborated relationship with some of the finest international luxury brands such as Sotheby’s in addition to boutique agencies with brokers who have local knowledge of their punta cana real estate markets.

We engage our global development team with a select choice of Dominican Republic real estate punta Cana brokers as an expanded sales & marketing venture to assist real estate constructors & developers. Our core team is accomplished in multiple global locations across a number of markets.

We coordinate the entire broker data research & analysis, project management, as a foundation to sales & marketing to attract and manage buyer clients until the point of sale and follow up. Our foundation is attention to our client’s needs, timing, and type of real estate required. We deliver key presentations for dissemination, field crucial prospect questions, oversee the many aspects of due diligence and provide a local team member for face-to-face meetings as and when clients require. In the age of Zoom meetings and an ever-increasing reliance on technology, we offer the warmth of actually being able to sit and meet with a representative should a client wish to do so, due to our extensive network of international collaborators.

Our success is in matching the right local brokers with a specific real estate development need, ensuring a consistent flow of communication, timely follow-up, and ultimate successes with real Estate projects being sold in record times.

We have experience in helping buyer clients with more complex borrowing requirements, due to a range of expert collaborative staff competent with local Acts, laws, and overseas buying solutions. Clients receive tailored advice and the solutions that meet their needs for real estate investment, retirement, commercial interests, second family homes for rent in Punta Cana Dominican Republic, and support with application processes when required. As one of the most integral Master Brokers in the region, our global network work with local brokers to complete the fact-find to collating documentation.

Shereen Miranda Group delivers the well-structured bridge between buyer clients and developers, allowing for a seamless process of advice, marketing, and matching of real estate investment.

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